what is WordPress used for?


WordPress is a fantastic platform to build your website on and can handle just about anything you throw at it. If it doesn’t do something out of the box, there’s likely to be a plugin you can use to extend it and make it do whatever it is you require.


Of course, with this amount of flexibility, the WordPress software itself is quite complicated. You might find it difficult to initially set up or get part way through putting your website together and discover something doesn’t work as intended. You might even find that installing a plugin just breaks everything!


You might also know that charity web design by rule:fresh is an option, but you don’t want to have your website fully redesigned. You just want your broken WordPress to work.


Well, we can help with that too. Our main area of expertise is providing UK charities with very low-cost services in the online world, but due to our web design services we have become very knowledgeable about the way in which WordPress works.


We’ve had quite a few people get in touch about issues they’ve experienced with WordPress, and the problems that they have encountered when moving to WordPress from a different platform. With our technical knowledge, many of these problems can easily be solved.


We get it. One minute it was working, and all of a sudden, your WordPress site just says “500 internal server error” … and you’re thinking, what does that even mean? Sometimes it doesn’t even get that informative – the so-called “White Screen of Death” is common on WordPress installations with errors in plugins or themes.


And then there’s the chance that your WordPress database won’t connect, or it takes so long that the connection times out. Random error codes, getting stuck in maintenance mode, something about not being able to modify header information…it’s easy to become disheartened when you’re trying to set up WordPress on your own.


But don’t worry. We’re here to help. If you’ve got a WordPress problem, we can help you solve it and get you back to doing what you do best.


Charity web design by rule:fresh is a low-cost way for UK charities to get on the web in an attractive and cost-effective way, but even if you have your own WordPress-based site already, we’re willing to help you get it working just as it should.


Get in touch today to find out more, we’re ready to solve all your WordPress problems right now.